Do I need to sign in to see my order details?
To view your order details, you must sign in to your lifestyle membership onsite and access your account.
How do I cancel my order?
Please note that once an order is submitted, we cannot cancel or modify it. Therefore, it is important to double-check all information before submitting your order to avoid any issues.
Where can I find size and fit information?
To locate information about size and fit, you can access our conversion chart by clicking on the 'Size Chart' button available on each item's webpage.
What is the refund policy?
Our refund policy states that all sales are final, meaning that we do not accept returns or offer refunds for any reason except in the case of damaged or incorrect items received. If you receive damaged or incorrect goods, please contact our customer service team immediately to review and resolve the issue. Please note that inquiries regarding damaged or incorrect items must be made within 7 days of the delivery date. We do not accept any inquiries beyond the 7 day period.
Which currencies can I shop in?
We only process payments in US dollars.
What payment methods do we accept?
We accept various credit and debit cards including Visa and Mastercard.
Is it safe to use my credit card?
You can use your credit card on our site without any worries as all online transactions made through our platform are completely secure.
Why has my payment been refused?
If your payment has been declined after authorization, the funds may still be reserved on your bank account, but they have not been debited. Please be aware that the reserve may last up to 30 business days before it is lifted, although this duration may vary depending on banks and credit providers. There are several reasons why your payment may have been declined, including exceeding your card limit, providing incorrect card details, reaching the maximum number of allowed charges in a period, billing address mismatch, card restrictions on international or online transactions, or the need for authorization from your bank for cross-border or overseas transactions, depending on your location. in addition, credit card companies often have various security measures in place to prevent fraud, which may also result in declined transactions.
How can I track my order?
When the order is tendered to the courier from USPS, you will receive an email from the courier providing the tracking number related to the order. To monitor the status of your order, you may visit the courier website and insert the number in the “track your shipment” area.
Where do you ship?
We offer worldwide shipping, and you can view the shipping rates and taxes applicable to your order based on your location. by placing an order with us, you authorize us or our designee to facilitate shipment to your address outside of canada and the united states. please be aware that the shipment may incur duties and import taxes upon delivery, as per the customs laws of your place of delivery. The charge for these fees is determined by your local customs authority, and you may be required to pay them to release your order from customs. for more information on these charges, please consult your local customs office.
How long until my order ships?
Shipment of your order will take place within a 21 day period. Please note that all orders may be subject to delays due to inclement weather, COVID-19 restrictions, and other general delays, although we do not anticipate any issues.
What if there is an error on my shipping address?
To ensure a smooth shipping process, please double-check all information before checking out. If you notice an error in your shipping address, please contact our customer service immediately and provide the correct address information.
What if my package is lost?
We will ensure that your package is sent out within 21 days, but once the package leaves our facility, it falls under the liability of the courier and can be subject to issues that are out of our control. If you believe your package is lost, please contact the corresponding shipping service for updates on any delays or shipping errors.