About Vlone Farms

VLONE Farms is dedicated to crafting the journey from seed to smoke into a meaningful, worthwhile experience. Rising above the rest, VLONE Farms stands alone, distinct from the conventional cannabis industry.

Situated at the cutting edge of cannabis cultivation and lifestyle, VLONE Farms isn't afraid to challenge the expected. We take pride in our unique strains and cultivation methods that diverge from the norm. We are a beacon of authenticity and independence amidst an industry dominated by massive corporations. Yet, this doesn't hinder our ambition to shape the cannabis culture with every premium harvest.

VLONE Farms, launching this year, has its roots in the vibrant discussions held amongst FRIENDS in Harlem, a decade ago. What started as a vision, gradually materialized through relentless pursuit and commitment. Inspired by the spirit of VLONE that influenced the music and fashion scene in New York City and beyond, we now channel that disruptive energy into the cannabis industry.

Embodying the ethos of VLONE, our farm will embrace and support innovators, growers, and consumers who defy conventions and inspire change. Together, we are not just building a brand, but crafting a new narrative in the world of cannabis, one harvest at a time.